Combining ArcFM Feeder Manager Phase Fields

A field for phase designation is required for any classes that will be operated on by ArcFM Feeder Manager and is assigned the PHASECONFIGURATION model name in your ArcFM configuration.  The field indicates phases present in the line section or connected to by the device.

For those interested in association to the published Multispeak standard, the ArcFM phasing code field corresponds directly to the Multispeak model simple type phaseCd.

The field has a domain that typically maps codes to integer values as follows:

Description Code
A 4
B 2
C 1
AB 6
AC 5
BC 3


Of course the domain description can be changed if your company uses X, Y, Z or 1, 2, 3 or some other convention to indicate phasing.

The phasing code field is essential to the operation of ArcFM Feeder Manager if you choose to operate it in its “phase sensitive” mode.  For example, a trace proceeding down a single phase primary on phase A will stop if it encounters a line assigned only to phase B.

This field does not by default indicate phase orientation. That is, phases arranged ABC in an overhead primary horizontal construction are considered the same as phase wires arranged BCA.  The field PhaseOrientation on the primary overhead line section class can be used to maintain this information.  In some cases a company may have custom code to keep these fields in sync.  For example, there may be an AutoUpdater on the PhaseOrientation field to update phasing code when it is assigned or updated.

Though not part of the standard ArcFM Multispeak model, a small extension to the PHASEDESIGNATION domain can allow an implementation to incorporate both phase designation and phase orientation into a single field, as illustrated in the figure below.  This approach can help an implementer avoid building (and maintaining) an AutoUpdater.

ArcFM Feeder Manager

As indicated in the graphic, the key is that Feeder Manager is only aware of the least significant digits in the binary representation of the phase code. So, phase AB with a domain code of 6 and BA with a domain code of 14 are interpreted as the same thing by Feeder Manager since the least significant digits in the binary version of the codes are both 110.

This techniques was first pioneered by Keith Hupperts of Schneider Electric. We have used it with success on numerous projects since.

For additional reference on this topic see the ArcFM solution help under “Appendix > Bitgate Fields“.