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In early 2013 Midcontinent Communications selected the Schneider Electric (SE) Fiber Manager to replace a legacy GIS application for managing their fiber optic network assets that extend over much of north central United States.  Particularly important to Midcontinent was the ability for Fiber Manager to support Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) and to easily report all circuits present on all strands and all wavelengths for a given fiber cable.

SE provided implementation and training and Blair Services was contracted for data migration.  Working closely with the teams from SE and Midcontinent, Blair Services helped decipher the largely undocumented source data structures and align it to Fiber Manager requirements.  The result was a full migration of source database features into Fiber Manager with leased circuits tracing as expected within the original project scope and budget.

Client Story

Midcontinent Communications – Project Summary

Before the Designer Express rollout, we were using CAD Converter to export and import Landbase layers to perform Landbase work within AutoCAD software. Currently CAD Converter is used by our Gas Designers and Landbase group.  CAD Converter is “essential” to our Landbase editors.  Cynthia Salas, Centerpoint Energy

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Centerpoint Energy CAD Converter – Customer Quote

Midcontinent Communications was able to work closely with Blair Services to perform a complex data migration in a relatively short time frame.  Blair Services’ ability to be flexible with the project timeline, provide a high level of expertise, and deliver quality migrated data, enabled this conversion project to be successful.  I would highly recommend the use of Blair Services to any company looking to perform this type of data migration.  Derek Reickmann, Project Manager, Midcontinent Communications

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Midcontinent Communications – Customer Quote

When CenterPoint Energy adopted Schneider Electric’s Designer Express for gas distribution construction design, replacing previously used CAD-based software tools,  they still needed to provide CAD drawing products to both external and internal customers.  The solution was the ArcGIS/ArcFM-based CAD Converter tools.  CenterPoint has built standard mapping configurations (or ‘profiles’) defining detailed mappings from dozens of feature classes to corresponding CAD entity types, layers and layer properties.  The standard configurations are used repeatedly by designers to generate CAD drawings that faithfully reproduce feature geometries, map symbology and annotation.  Particularly important for CenterPoint is that CAD Converter also exports both data view and layout view graphic elements.

CAD Converter is also considered an essential tool used daily by the CenterPoint Landbase group for importing detailed new plat information from developers. Just as with the export process, profiles can be established to map source CAD layers to target ArcGIS feature classes.

Client Story

CenterPoint Energy CADConverter – Project Summary