Don’t Edit the ArcFM DUCTDEFINITION Table

This one comes to us courtesy of our friends at RAMTeCH Geospatial.  And it’s pretty straightforward.

Don’t edit the ArcFM DUCTDEFINTION table.  Don’t even try to.  And by that we mean don’t assign AutoUpdaters to it and don’t enable ArcGIS Editor Tracking on it.

The consequences are subtle, but significant.   Especially if you’re using both ArcFM Underground Facility Manager and Conduit Manager.  Let’s just say your edit operations won’t complete as expected.

Why, you ask?

The DUCTDEFINITION table is used only as a template for defining properties of ducts shown in the conduit manager user interface.  It’s not intended to hold actual data.


So, where is the actual data stored?  It’s in the CONFIGURATION Blob field on the ConduitSystem feature.

So that’s it.  Short and sweet.

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