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“Pause” for Map Configuration Performance

Configuring your ArcMap Map Documents and/or Stored Displays and getting tired of the redrawing that occurs after every change you make that affects your layer symbology or labeling? So has just about everyone who’s configured a Map Document or Stored Display. One way to minimize the impact of the redraw is zoom in to a […]
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ArcFM Feeder Manager Switching: De-Energize First

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. It applies if you’re using ArcFM Feeder Manager 1.. but not 2. In fact if you’re using FM 1 it’s pretty important. This is the scenario. Say your operations department has decided to perform a seasonal load transfer and serve a neighborhood from feeder Magenta102 instead of Green102. This […]
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ArcMap Annotation: Put it on the Bottom

One of the tips we heard at last month’s Schneider Electric Link 2015 conference was about putting annotation at the bottom of your ArcMap table of contents to improve overall display performance. The rationale goes like this: The annotation display engine uses a technique that can take into account the presence of other graphic elements […]
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