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Don’t Edit the ArcFM DUCTDEFINITION Table

This one comes to us courtesy of our friends at RAMTeCH Geospatial.  And it’s pretty straightforward. Don’t edit the ArcFM DUCTDEFINTION table.  Don’t even try to.  And by that we mean don’t assign AutoUpdaters to it and don’t enable ArcGIS Editor Tracking on it. The consequences are subtle, but significant.   Especially if you’re using both […]
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ArcFM Feeder Manager 2.0 Synchronization and Conflicts

This post summarizes a discussion we initiated on the Schneider Electric Exchange Community site on expectations a user might have for versioned conflicts arising from implementation of the ArcFM Feeder Manager 2.0 Synchronization process. First a little background ArcFM Feeder Manager (1.0) dynamically maintains feeder information through the course of editing operations – including switching […]
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ArcFM Structure Relate Search Tolerance

If you’ve got an ArcGIS/ArcFM dataset and you’re maintaining relationship(s) between devices and the structure that supports them, then we’re guessing you use the ArcFM “Structure Relate” auto-updater (AU) to do much of the work. It’s a pretty straightforward piece of logic in the core ArcFM solution. When you place a device – say a […]
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